Everyone Has One

If they hate you because of me

Don’t let me become a stumbling block

I’ll go far away

So you won’t see me and wonder what if

Please don’t yell at your parents

Please don’t yell and cuss out your friends

They don’t know me like you do

They don’t know much I prove I love you

They don’t know our conversations crying

Wishing we could escape.

I’m not worth the extra miles
Background plans in a while
Escape to cabins in the wild
Because our love isn’t approved by our loved ones hating us

As if
Dissatisfaction with jokes
Hateful speech unintelligent approach
Sore throats lots of yelling
People spying on us now they telling
Underestimated our determination
Fucking around with our love earns elimination
I’m stationed in the best frame of mind
Ready to bust shots verbally or physically if they trying
Who lying don’t be scared of me no selling no buying
But if we can’t get past this be quiet leave or I’m firing
So she can lay her head with me and talk again
Willing to go back to old habits don’t challenge
I love her won’t hurt her we are one
Regardless of your understanding our love has won.

Still who wins after assault

I take the walk with filled pockets pinches of salt

Because your smile is important what do you want to do

Just let me know defense offensive or prepare to go

Drama isn’t my favorite undecided I’ll help you choose

Love doesn’t ask for dues don’t be fooled by blood

Same people who don’t understand how important you are

I’m listening pleased intrigued note taking tension free

Can’t say anything it’s your choice
Just know I love the sound of your voice
They tire
Roll eyes and walk past while I last
I grasp every sentence
For instance I’m currently in your mind
Smiling absorbing every line
That’s why I’m untouchable I love you completely
Guess they why they don’t want to see me.


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