Watch Faces On

Clock spin and rock out of control
Awaiting proof show that miracle
Half way there treated amazing
Trails then undisclosed but visited
Stronger than ever the thick of it
Fighting setbacks backs touching
Apart I’m short on breath easily
Feeling me chemistry no one but us mystery
History beaten cycle broken
Joy arising floating top of the morning
Soaring until I check my watch.

Lined together becoming stronger
I’m spending time loving it
But on tight budget windows looked through
Missed opportunities add too
Missing face time I’m quite currently repeating bind
Tears climbing up my face upside down
Copying the world bound by paper
We should be writing between sessions
Beautiful playing with my chest hair asking questions
Vividly walking off time tasting love in each reply
Sundial instantly appears in the sky.

Same way your family pictures displays but her image
Ever want love so much considered talking to the sky
Done hiding if wallet filled we ride
Timer buzzes my worst fear
Failed our objectives unselected
Forgotten mocked teased rejected
More footprints covered sand returning
Flesh tenderised cooking burning
Planets don’t stop for injustice.


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