Sexy Rebellion 

So what if I say fuck the rules 

Back to back fighting all these fools

People don’t understand our connection 

Stay back regardless or I’m teaching lessons 

What do they care this is about us

Same duo they refused to care about and discuss 

Happy so they can’t fucking stand it misery loves company on this planet

Watch people around us change as they witness our new smiles it’s madness

Glad this is between us I won’t hesitate to change my name then disappear 

I care for you more everyday heart near no fear except this money missing

How can we get away to log cabins oral sex deep tongue kissing 

Traveling stopping in Colorado to buy some edibles laughing while smiling the whole time so excited 

Invited to Seattle to see rain smoke there enjoy nature take pictures worthy of frames 

Aim for Alaska next while I kiss your neck and discuss human behaviors 

Fuck the rules and we choose to be together and I know it won’t be easy but I’ll never quit

Will strong enough and lit you already know if necessary I’m a fighter doubled determination 

How can you resist me anyway when you’re not satisfied in my absence masturbating

I’m here waiting. 


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