When I wake up you’re already running through my mind miles more miles

Whispering to me happy words loving words I start running with you

Then you turn around stop to pick me up carrying me away

I’m getting carried away with seeing you kissing you touching you feeling loved

Your hands are too cold my hands too hot so putting them together is perfect yes

Labels confusing but most would consider this love

My life questioned is anything more important than you no never

Close friends of yours don’t like me hate hearing how I make you feel

My friends and family better stay silent to me like they’ve always done

Anyone who dislikes you can but would be wise to keep it to themselves

Never imagined couldn’t have seen it looking at you so cute feet with socks on the dash

A part of me now in my body alone tears appear scenes of you smiling and me

Writing a long letter to you it cannot be long emough to show where I am

Plus when we laid together to talk we held each other deeper

I know how you taste now you’re a keeper.


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