Empty Wallet Or Purse

I need it

I want it too

No such thing as too much 

Gotta make a living

And what a living 

Bills never ending 

Lottery don’t fail us 

Same chance of saving up enough 

You can be sexy

With bills spent crazy 

So much power in choices

Choosing to do whatever 

Without worrying about fees

Vitamin fortified they call it cheese

Bread and we all know man needs bread to live 

Ignored unknown 

Until two or eight homes

I need it

I want it to like you

Can’t smoke the finest natural anti anxiety plant

Will after a few commas and lamps


Same chance as earning it down south in the cold.
The programming worked I’m trying to prove to myself I am worthy of life

How messed up is it to feel less

Man they sure are rowdy yeah we know current plans aren’t working

Save you no man I’m going to leave you behind 

Instead of try to better mankind 

Can’t lay on the beach like time doesn’t count

Can’t travel gas tank and car cuss you out girl you trippin’ 


I need it too

I want it too.


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