Eighty Nine

I’m from the 80’s baby

Still a touch of Marvin Gaye strong

No one is going to tell me to conform I’m hard headed skeptical 

I believe in love power like Luther 

Prince singing 1999 seeing the future

My point is a slow jam and talking more than fine

Candy rain Soul For Real all the time

We’ve seen streets and cities change

Additional additions new bridges and lanes

Unexplained and explained lines

Like eighty nine poems about you

Written before we held hands
Jumps and leaps from the playground 

Talking death and who we want to see last

Family members passing away it gets old

So are we but I still have plenty of energy left

People laugh saying I’m not man enough 

As long as you think I am I evolve to survive

Nineteen eighty surprise surprise 

A head start before the world changes

Picked to be unusual and it’s really brave

Pioneer until the grave 

Hated when out of line some hate for this beautiful skin of mine

Ignorant and blind these costumes are all fine it’s what we do

Eighty nine excuses to destroy I’m not amused
My goofy self manhood secure no caveman shit

Love me I love you that’s all right there

We discuss deeper knowing our source oh yeah

Yeah we know our source revolution 

Learned helplessness destroyed 

Come sit with me and stare at each other to hold on

Buildings are crumbling in patterns when yesterday we watched their arrival 

Old songs and red cups tight hugging

Bright colored visors and stripes no matching

I was home when Fox 24 in Charleston South Carolina came on 

A head start before the world changed.


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