Lake Of Touch

In our secret place, away from judgement 

My eyes and your eyes will lock carefully 

How you taste won’t be a mystery anymore 

Thinking about you turns me on so much I stop 

Before I go deeper into wanting to be a part of breathing 

Wet and yearning lips I wonder how we’ll kiss

Know I want to make you feel loved and desired

In our secret place I will, assist you in moaning 

Sight of you makes my mouth flooded.


I’ll take my time because I love you 

Caress your hands and hold you close

Need you to see passion in my eyes for you

Dear I’m here 

No tricks or schemes I’m honestly inviting you in my life

Yeah I have faults

But I’ll fix what needs to be fixed to be yours

This is so important to me believe it I can show you


Test me

See if it’s lies or something more

Allow me to prove how far I’ll go

Allow me to prove I love you below the surface 

Allow me to prove how much

In our secret place away from judgment 

Let me prove all I’ve promised

In our secret place away…


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