Crumbled Question 

Are you wasting my time

Hope spilled everywhere 
Being isolated sucks but what hurts more is thinking you care

Over and over in my head 

Thoughts tumbling what has been said
I am still confused 

About how to wake up 
One day I’m ready to rise

Afternoon I’m feeling just right

Then I realize all I know can disappear 
Makes me want to hold on a little bit longer 

To you
But you are temporary maybe I’m worried 

So when I ask if I’m wasting time

I’m not saying you’re not sincere 

Hey I’ve heard this pretty shit before 

We all have and this is why fear lingers
Will you be here tomorrow 

Is your love going to stay when the world seems to stop
Is your love an illusion cruel games abound 

I love you but will it be enough 

Will my love open your eyes to us
Laying here watching time flow freely 

The world says I should be indifferent 

But that’s not me unless I have to protect myself 

You destroyed my walls with my help
Please don’t let me be a maybe waiting 

To hear I’m just not good enough goodbye 

While other men pretend showing emotions is weakness 

Nofaith loves breaking rules and creating new paths 

Only valid opinion comes from you
I hope I’m not wasting time holding on

Very scared my care might be passed on told bye

Nothing I can do but pretend 

No one else is quite like this no.


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