When Sleep Runs

She sleeps soundly I’m awake 

Thinking of steps I have to take 

Money needed now cannot sit and wait

If I’m going take care of family plus friends 

A brother has to close loose ends 

Focus on my imagination 

Turn into currency and transportation 

I’m already late they’ve been waiting 

Push-ups to get clear to any mirror without fear

I’ve been talking trash count years

Guess not being flashy considered the same thing as being trashy here

In the dirty south 

So many problems obstacles wrapped in doubts 

That’s why we’re preaching 

Learn from our mistakes experience is what we’re teaching 

Hope it reaches to the mind of someone like me buried in the grind

Don’t take your head off 

Fight until the lights off and fists soft

She sleeps I imagine

Leaving this place and I gotta make it happen

They don’t read it so I’ll rap it

Too new for ’em I beat traffic 

Ignored by those who know

Any time and every time my freestyle rock the show

Without opportunities no dough

Money and food none no go

Jail or prison awaiting 

This is south they ain’t playing

Lost a car and baby’s seat

Tow truck company and cops on the keep 

Not every officer operating the wrong way

How can we tell the difference they all do gunplay

Purge the snakes 

Education for the masses on correcting mistakes 

Sell me less cakes then lower the prices regarding fresh grapes

Fundamental a b c 

Laymen rebellion speaking free

A grain of sand in a land paying a band more than a solider loosing a hand media telling the public they don’t understand 

All part of the plan to help fingers explode where they land

My mission is to create a better place

We all win same pace

But Nofaitpoet what if they copy your stuff

I imagine the punishment won’t be enough 

Years of thoughts and observing human behavior 

Good times bad times cool and ignorant neighbors 

Churches every five blinks

Neighborhood poor as hell it stinks

Militants believers and nonbelievers

Insulting each other instead of the problem hate fever

Day and night don’t ask why I don’t feel quite so right

A strange strange sight but told to continue until I create the venue

When sleep runs

Words come


When sleep runs

Words come.


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