Waiting. Leaving. Holding.

Seems like an eternity 

Checking if you’ll be loving me

Waiting is fine 

Leaving after what time

Holding maybe but in silence 

Two sides here 

Unsure levels between us 

What level are you on what can we do

The other keeping watch until it seems safer

I want to be with you now

Wait just slow it and settle down 

Hey I may not be around 

Then you didn’t love me enough to wait


Contested handshakes 

Burning while holding on for arrival

Testing the waters don’t want an unintentional slaughter in hearts

One knows something special is behind the scenes 

The other agrees time for processing 

Kind of makes saying I love you more suspect

I love you too but from a greater distance 

No answer is right

Dancing with music on or off it’s still dancing 

Sex this week or next year who has numbers to  choose 

I love you now

Well I want love you and I might after I’ve arrived on my time

Invitation noted I’ll still show up on my time

It’ll be right on time 

Holding keep waiting never leaving  when you’re tired

Tired of waiting so I’m leaving can’t keep holding.


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