Better Than Medicine It’s You

The world isn’t over just feels like it

Holding on in public loosing it in private 

Don’t want to talk to you at all about it

Could use a night together her holding me I’m silent 

Please don’t say you hope circumstances get better 

Make love to me and say I mean everything to you

Never lie just be gentle with the truth 

Hell no I’m not made out of glass I’m just scared

Is being scared so wrong prefer a performance in being strong 

Told me I can come to you with whatever I need 

I need hours lost in you

Whisper in my ear I’m no failure

Rub my head kiss my face say all I need is your love

Beat back this panic attack crushing my lungs

Yeah if feels the world is over but I know it’s not

Touch me I’ll say your name and breathe

Go somewhere private and sex the shame away

Look you in the eyes and sex the shame away 


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