All this talk and I don’t know what to do honey 

Back and forth saying sweet wishes oh

One day in the future talk I want to fast forward 

Happy and excited then reality tries it

Voluntary isolation just to analyze my position 

Scrambled thoughts over thinking I’m thinking 

Parts of us up yet I’m sinking slowing down

Venting as good as this feels key points missing 

Can’t say anything and should be happy where we are and I am but damn 

Dam holding back in my head I wonder if I’m just delusional 

Maybe I should stop talking so much just in case who knows 

Hours and hours I’m falling harder impact so brutal 

Yeah hours and hours I’m falling harder impact so brutal resistance solid as a wet noodle 

Always saying if

Needle disturbed song is skipping I don’t want to hear it anymore.
Guess I don’t want to dream with you or about you 

If your dreams were like mine you wouldn’t be so worried 

Under your panties hands buried 

Licking them so you can know what I want to taste 

Begging asking pleading scared I’m deceived  when I tell you I care so much are you scheming 

No never get it together whatever I shouldn’t feel like this seen it before 

I want people yeah believe me but forget they only like me want is too frightening or undesired close lightening 

All this talk 

Still surrounded by the dark.
Should just be indifferent 



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