Garbage Post 36aa

Enemies gathering aligning themselves on the shore unfortunately for them I use a pen they can never win ever in infinty with no reversal like a godly entity twice deceased and without need

You can’t see the branches withering as you lie again again we grow up like everything is lie implanted by inception direction’s sections placed under surveillance and questioned I should be up finishing papers and doing homework but they increasing my close to minimum wage upbringing 

Trying to feed the brain truthful information in a world prison throwing  people into prisons when they discover without money things get missing and you can get beat the hell up and end up in prison fuck up in there they put you into a smaller prison alone with no one but yourself listening enough material until seasons end

This year we organize and bring written arts back attack hacks and whack flaps flapping without facts they  talk loud distorting positive feedback slaps in the face for those whom perceive it achieve it and be welcomed to the real world ran by paper and bloody bullets people we love so fed up put heads up pulled triggers to get unstuck from a muck impassable by any monster truck 



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