Garbage Post 100a

Wrapped up in words and practice

Doing what everyone else does

Believe what you’ve been told without question

Calling yourself independent standing on your own

Until I question why you believe such a way

Watch the fireworks explode display on your face

I don’t know why it is so hard to think about this

It is popular because it can be made to fit

Wisdom hidden because speaking out gets murder threats

We are intelligent idiots gladly willing to reject unpopular views

If I take your Sundays away will you crumble

With no prayer do you find yourself lost

Speaking above being selfish but calling it something else

Called on it anger ignites and conquers everything

Including reason

Best friends until I say I don’t believe

Now my best friend can’t stand the sight of me

All of the fun times disconnected because punishment maybe calling

Instead of standing up for me abandonment is dominant

Fuck being an example when you can be a finger pointing member

Discard the days we’ve shared

All of a sudden I’m every single enemy you hate

Write me off among the damned you call us

Believe that your disappearance changes things

Feel free and safe that I am away hanging alone now

Congratulations you’ve escaped Hell friend

Life is too short for nonsense

Too short for the defense

Escalators up for you not I

I should have been on your team

Should have been with your holy hands

Throwing signs with your gang

Crosses made of gold around my neck

Glorifying the tool and not the savoir

Pretending that prayer gives an instant layer of protection

Ignoring the obituary section

They must have not prayed hard enough

They must have denied unseen trust



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