Cactus Times

I tried my best 

Lost in every way possible 

Well not so much but it still hurts so much

Happy roads abandoned no reasons to be seen 

I went anyway but got lost on the way confused

Trees vibrant 

Breeze welcoming 

No love driving or sitting beside me

Alone and lost 

Crying because I ended up like I thought I would 

Time alone 

Thinking living this way maybe wrong 

Who am I 

Grain of sand in the universe dying

Very hard 

Searching very hard for fuel can’t stay stranded

No need to fight this I’m where I’m going to be

Stopping the madness of hope

Turn your head 

Seeing this is difficult 

No magic answers

No mystery winning tickets 

Hands to hold unavailable 

The last scene before credits roll down fade out and here

No sequel 


I tried my best and received the worst 

Dying under a beautiful sky alone 

Look heart it’s almost over

Circumstances win again.


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