Garbage Post 19aa

Moved to trash

Every thing I’ve done moved to trash

So fast

I didn’t know I was already gone

No sad lame attempts to pretend

Just couldn’t win

If I could take back every second

If I could take back how you made me feel

If I could take back the times when I felt I could ask to kiss you

Move it all to the trash to be emptied

Even the poems I wrote about you never posted

All of the times I asked you to meet me

Scrub them also

You cannot count the ways I was planning to prove

I was into you and everything you liked to do

Add up the nights where I thought I was closer to no one else

Looking out for your messages hoping to see come be with me tonight

Hold me even as everything burns bright and melts away

Void all of my orgasms revolved around you yeah

Cancel the times I dreamed of us reading together

All or nothing maybe but I can’t stand fences

Climbed down on my own it had to be

Moved to the trash

I swear  hearing you laugh that I’m replaced anyway

People were asking around town why my eyes were huge

Everyone knew it but you I wasted time

Everyone knew I lived for being with you but  I wasted time


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