Garbage Post 14ac

finally I see stars above like you’ve described
took me a long time to travel in my mind
I was so busy and wrapped in myself spots blind
Unable to cut unnecessary thoughts tied to emotions in time
Can you forgive me and try to live above my faults
These stars tonight do preach
Maybe but in the meantime I have lessons to learn
I hope I haven’t messed things yeah I smell bridges burning
All I can do is learn and move on so I don’t hate myself
Hoping this night will lead to something else
Like finding seclusion sexy as it is
Placing my wasted circles away for good
These stars do preach
Nofaith why are always talking about love
Is anything more important below or above
Rational decisions and lovemaking turn me on
When I mess up I must fix what I’ve done wrong
Looking into a lover’s eyes is sweet pure and everything
These stars shining overnight bring dreams
When I talk about sex I’m not trying to come and go
Laying down dying together is life’s show
Even if the stars we see are dead there’s hope
Perhaps that is the point of them and us.


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