Garbage Post 13aa

Forget my name during prayers
I’m not comfortable there
Engulfed in questions fears

Life isn’t right around this town
Sometimes I feel bad way way down
When I’m up I make mistakes
Show too many emotions I swore were safe

Today, I bury everybody.
Today, I start with myself.

Cannot be foolish enough to give
My heart isn’t worth a thing
I’m too confused to be around you
All I’d do is break your world divide in two, into

My fucked up masterpiece of tragedy
Feels like I don’t belong here
This town has hated me for years
Stuck behind my windows crying out
Being isolated is the best route
Done playing with thoughts of being renewed

Today I bury everyone in my life.
Starting with myself I haven’t been right.
Ending the future I swear isn’t good.
Burning my dreams no flames soaked wood.
Maybe if the fire gets hotter it’ll catch.
If you see me in your dreams flee and never look back.

Sleep like death isn’t going to show up
Rest as if you’re totally in control
Be blissfully ignorant of these surroundings
Don’t pray for me save your breath

Am I destined to be dizzy
The man I am right now should leave
Die leaving the pure parts in tact


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