Fan Tricks

Write for me and let me know what’s up

So I wrote and she loved it never spoke up

No long reply just a hey that was nice 

Winter in the summer feelings on ice

She makes me want to shutdown 

Don’t play games with me saying I meet your needs

Turning around saying maybe later we’ll see

Emotions throughout written posted on WordPress 

Does she love me researching trying to make sense

Write for me but don’t let anyone know who it’s for

She said when inspired by her likes rise from the floor

Cancelled her appearance don’t need another muse

Happily she logged in eating popcorn waiting to see blues

Later down the line when no one cared for her

Tried to return but I told her I remember 

Writing before ending alone bed cold December 

If you don’t want to stay go no rain checks allowed

Yet another example of why I don’t speak loud 

Yesterday she was interested today I’m just a guy

Someone that she used to know Gotye hook oh my.


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