Bottle My Erotica 

Bottle for my

Bottle for my excitement 

Hidden away

Until I’m invited 

Trying hard

Trying hard to fight

Telling you

Telling you tonight I’ve been 

Been going through your eyes


Thinking I should come over

Look you in the eyes legs on shoulders yeah

I need a bottle for my

I got a bottle for my excitement.
Maybe it’s so difficult 

Because I know I’m not going to want to leave 

I want to be

The one who treats you right and sweet

Oh I feel it down below 

Every time I think about licking your skin slow

My ears awaiting how you sound 

As inches rise and go down 

As my eyes whisper I want this for the rest of my life

Tell me how many times you cum before you know I’m not playing tonight 

Or ever.
I write to get it out and it works to a point 

Suppressing how I feel is difficult yes

Bottle for my explicit dirty thoughts 

Bottle for when I salivate 

You don’t know anyone who wants you

Like I do wanting to stay afterwards 

Foreplay master dare me go ahead dare

Wet kisses on your forehead exposed neck

Quiet comments in your ear

Can’t stop until your legs shake wall rhythm clear

But you can’t hear this yet

Bottle my horniness.
The way you talk and smile

Oh the way you look is so wild

Thinking patterns aligned perfectly 

Our interactions lead me to want you 

Kissing your back then below too

I want hours inside not joking 

I want you satisfied sleeping 

After I show you just what I’ve been feeling 

I want my tongue lost inside you

I want my manhood to fill you.
Too much

Too much 

Too much
Bottle so I don’t spill this

I’ve thought about you so long

Pleasure calling out

Body calling me R. Kelly moment 

Hell I want a lifetime of tasting you 

Don’t ask why I haven’t been sleeping 

My hands won’t stop no ceasing 

When I think about you heavy breathing.

Just tell me you do the same thinking about me

It’s all I ever wanted to hear and see

Please tell me you end your nights with me

Tell me my words and your fingers bring peaceful sleep.


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