Last day but we don’t know it

All your waiting wasted

Hoping for the future but unprepared 

How many nights until sure

Count the nights wasted waiting for confirmation 

Being careful is smart but risks create art

Bold moves ridiculed until a breakthrough 

Sexy when I can you pay your bills get away 

Rather be with those loving me now in my poverty

Lottery tickets for another life mindsets bother me

I saw the illusion while in the choir

Alter calls collection plates and fallacies 

Passionate about dreams today staying positive

Today is the last day 

Don’t want to hear any crying because you’re lying

All this time to get right instead we pick laws promoting hate

My skin color still turns head their loss always 

Generalization of people by people for hatred

Scared your daughter brings one of them home

Instead be scared of closed doors and appearances 

I love it when told I can’t enter my black skin may corrupt 

The enemy you’re looking for doesn’t get dressed up

Critical thinking unheard of so why even debate closed minds on anything I’m finished

Live each day as the last well that means some of you hate expecting a pass

This world is beautiful people horrible holy killers plenty 

Last day but we don’t know it killing each other for an invisible city 

Failed twice because killers are banned holding hands but won’t stand

Opposition twisted letters promising deaths to find a peaceful god 

Oh I’m the disturbed one laughing harder than the Joker

No I can’t cry anymore might as well laugh until my heartbeats are over

As the soundtrack to Twin Peaks television plays

Bodies wrapped in plastic cared about appear and stay.


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