Rubber Bands

My eyes could be directed by her

Night lights I have never seen

Moments I’ve never dreamed appearing in slow moton

Far and few between I allow myself to be wrapped up in her arms


Haven’t had the pleasure of being with her alone


I’ve seen other people live with her in comfort

Driving fast cars she’s paid for

Pounds of high grade laughter

Houses in places they can smoke legally

So I dream about her staying with me

No dodging phone calls requesting immediate payment


Haven’t had the pleasure of holding her tight

Not worrying about loosing lights

Free to spend my time in college

Paid for by her and my use of knowledge


I want to take rubber bands off

Make deposits balance never drops

My eyes can see different places to write

Then maybe my words could be seen all over typed

Help bring good people to the sight of peace on Earth if I can

May we be together and change this land.


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