Create To Destroy

Background noise isn’t loud enough

If you have something to say please say it

Monitoring me while I run into unmovable things

Damn the procedures help me avoid the grave prematurely


Your silence doesn’t help at all

Why create works of art to watch them fall

Sure we humans like going round and round

Still at some point we get tired then ready to settle down


Confused of the purpose taking pills trying not to end this game

Feeling like a specimen seen through glass helpless

Either anything can happen or it’s scripted or whatever just wanna really know

Because some of us detect this rodeo

Trying to medicate but it never works sleep too much or stay up late

Oh I don’t care about the rules I want to make the whole world nice

Before we die make paradise by choice

If we are so powerful then let’s be powerful for peace and love


Sure we humans like going round and round

Still at some point we get tired then ready to settle down


As a kid daydreaming of a better day

Met other people almost took my own life away

Couldn’t believe people rather fight hate and stay

In confusion celebrated mainstream waste

And then you take some courses and figure out

People are pretending to have answers all about

Spreading lies as the truth the one you believe

Is the main one cashing on ignorance and stupidity

It’s one thing not to know then discover

Another to find out and refuse the truth taking lies for a lover



View the grains of sand argue among each other

In my short time here I’m already annoyed

Nothing is for certain no sure no shore

If I get my choices wrong then I’m stuck on the bottom floor

Too busy being tormented to find a trap door

Trust in the invisible when what I see is real material

Maybe this isn’t complicated as it seems

Perhaps just a roller coaster with life as the theme


How dare you question a creator’s choice to destroy their work?

Well what if that work is you?


Said he has some demons in his brains huh

That’s why he need the medication

All guilty do we check words we saying

Oh I was raised liked that don’t have to check myself never lied in fact

Everything is built on trust

Or foundation strong as dust

So why all the lying?


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