Umbrella Corporation

Running everything to every destination 

How long until the intellectual finish waiting 

Slap the nonsense broadcasting to pavement 

Expect the truth and monitor us yet no factual statements 

Fact checking debates because they are liars no mistakes 

Lie under oath in one take

Take all cash and why not eat the cake

Money can bring life or take it 

Wake up famous direct deposit connected 

Or wake up lights off no food and naked

Throwing away Earth we’ve got a train to catch

Kids looking in horror parents ain’t looking back

Anti depressants makers so rich rappers should advertise that

Marijuana bad for you take your nine pills and laugh 

And a hundred dollar medicated prescribed bubble bath

So many prophets around but unaware of an aftermath 

Selling me shit only if the government can see

Feeling digital eyes over me every street 

Conspiracy theories of everyone being watched in their sleep

No one knows because if they did cold case frozen forever cold

Another umbrella 

Always another umbrella


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