Hold The World Better 

Don’t tell me I’m lost without you and your rules

Years of punishment due unless I conform excuses worn we’ve already heard em 

Burn em in a pile of scripts I never wrote just performed it quote by quote 

Trying to please those who hated me most guilty of breathing air wanting to care 

Prayers said for me wasted breath only arrival promised when taking charge of my own steps

No longer invited as if being an atheist shut my eyes no I still appreciate dusk and sunrise

Love and wet pussy lips between thighs every now and then dreaming of flying free through all skies

Demise is giving into the parts stubborn headed perfect for written plus audio arts

Because I’m one of the hearts deciphering expanding landing before your eyes

With words defeating knots in throats surprise there is hope 

Don’t tell me I’m lost as if you’ve found a way I know better 

Perfection doesn’t require love letters it’s silently stroking hearts

No need to say look at me I’m performing my part you already feel it sadness can’t repeal it

Bad days cannot seal it off hard or soft whatever needs always solved

So I seek it in another and our connection stupid choice wrong direction writing and singing release pressure 

Now I can hold my world better.
So many ways I can hate you if I want 

Skin color sexual orientation amazing how much hate grass upon we stay grazing

Blazing a trail to failing different actions so I’m sailing counting on our abilities as love captions

Wrapped up in flesh combatants combating ignorance deliverance slow to come but she’s warmed up

Sure I laugh when I’m told I don’t fit on this planet as if lowering myself wasn’t enough 

Lowering myself from heavens innocent until arrival dirty to bring a bright side even Tide can stand by

White suit standing for positive wishes

Before I die I wish my fellow humans stop loving murder

So my kids can hold their worlds better.


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