In My Lighthouse Ocean

My love wasted in your heart

Rip everything apart once I set it perfectly

Confusing the care I planned and monitored in regards to treatment

Should I have been selective with my hugs

Feel violated and rejected plus neglected

Not sure what to say and how to be around you

Is this serious or am I failing responsibilities

Either way we’re supposed to be a team speak to me directly

Thinking all of the kisses were stolen

If my eyes roll back is whatever you are mad at worth being the last thing you say to me

This is the type of shit people don’t think

Loved ones dead now we find forgiveness and time

I once lied and told the truth at the same time to Trisha

Told her I was dying

Fishing for affection but didn’t process I am dying literally no question

Viewing my life like what the fuck happened

Ship going down I can fix it

Feelings very believable yet false my weapons of choice for self-pity

Words so simple and yet so deep when you’re just like me in the pit

Disregard society and cry

Arise and wipe tears marching

Be honest if my face should depart if I’ve gotten predictable predictable reruns

Everything might fail and fall even with millions of dollars involved

Nice things are nice as Hell when we realize love was around but we left

I’m going to be silent now my bright eyes detect theft lady beautiful and guilty


My love wasted in your heart

Shredded forsaken because you are angry unable to split parts

Times forgotten when your love had sparks rebukes had no barks

No bites

These days being with you just doesn’t feel right


My whole night ruined because you acting like I’ve failed

You know failure is my personal Hell but my personal Heaven on redemption

Not ashamed to say I care about what you think and what you feel so don’t manipulate me

If so the eyes of curtains while you cry on the other side trying to be seen

Then I’ve gotta cut you off and this earns burned bridges sometimes but I rather not return

Still it inspires me to do better and learn lessons

Lesson learned don’t be too much of yourself for anyone

Dilute as needed until you find the one you don’t need to measure for

Concentrated straight from the bottle to the jaw

Totally raw I want to treat you better than I treat myself


I want to treat you better than myself




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