A Dream Within A Holy Scheme

Secured world 

Found lies slapped with turmoil 

Confused and angry blood boil

Lied to from childhood 

Fairies and seasonal ghosts no good

Special long as I stay in line

Speak but we don’t want to hear your mind

Darkness haunting everything am I blind

Dropped off in a world not so kind

Disliked for being honest

In a world of liars setting fires

Holy this Hell that

Behave or get the sinner rack

Eternity of wanting time expired time back

No chance of parole 

Acid tears causing sizzling trails

End up unknown no bail

Test came and failed 

All I’ve ever wanted peace

Humans around me want status deceased 

Say I better stay in line

Wake me with the violent truth

Sleeping unaware peaceful but I’m chained to the feeling of incarceration and can’t see my free range prison captors 

Actors in this simulation demonstrating human beings have no idea how distractions flourish

Our minds malnourished

Secured world but not for us 

A grain of sand in the entire universe.


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