Delayed Booty

I love you just need more sexual interactions 

My advances denied incorrect answers

Happy whenever I act like I’m going through withdrawals 

Sad to say it you got a lover by the balls

You know how I think about pleasing you

The look on your face when I’m on top of you

Licking and sucking on your lips loosing time

My favorite porn videos star you I play them in my mind

Hours I think about being ignored alone

Rejected because I still want you bad and it’s known 

Whenever someone starts flirting jealousy starts twerking 

My needs become important your only fear working 

Me finding someone who loves me even more with a glow

Younger woman scare you the most I know 

As they can match my sex drive no games

No saying time is absent they create lanes 

Days of lies talking about how you want chocolate 

To the point where I ignore you so stop it

Orgasms clear my mind of disobedience 

They don’t have the same effect on you I guess 

Happy to go more than three days without 

After seventy hours my optimism turns into doubt 

Haven’t seen your nipples in twenty four 

Unappreciated or you would let me see them and even more 

Do you think being thirty five slows my passion down

Still get extremely horny by love making sounds.


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