Repeat Feelings On A Wave 

I don’t belong here 

I really don’t 

I’m looking for something else 

Promises of crowns won’t help

Oh I want to smile wide

Without thoughts of suicide 

Licking between legs thirsty 

Hugging and looking in love 

Talking and smoking in love

Rubbing and thrusting in love
But I don’t belong here 

My thoughts are waste

Black hole perspective 

All in nothing out

Some days I feel like I’m so stupid and I can’t get out

Nights I feel like maybe I should just take that gun to the mouth 


One shot what if I have better now than erased 

But what if I’m fighting to stay in the wrong place 

Fuck I just don’t belong here
Wait, or pass?

Throw in the towel or life beats my ass?

Stay and maybe the sky.

Stay and maybe I’ll die just a number.
So many variables oh yes 

Yet I don’t feel like I belong here 

Like I’m waiting on something else 

Always looking out of windows for magic to happen.


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