Garbage Post 44361

The path that glows is dark

Only to be see by its owner 

You can’t tell me where to go

Think upon yours while walk away 

These days are for me through my eyes

Just like they are for you through yours

How can you tell me how to walk states away

You don’t even know my street lights 

When I walk into the shadows it’s not sinister 

Processing different views

To make sure I know where I’m driving to.
Still scary are parts missed

Looking in the mirror trying to resist 

Breaking who you see looking forward 

Image backwards or more like frozen

Still breathing another chance at personal fortune 

More than given from outside after elevated travels

Stars and clouds and match against my feelings sparklingly 

When I’m calm discovery plus exploration missions 

A lot of thinking why I am I

And the trail complete when brain functions quit 

Wall of the ignorant, watcher, or peace seeker just to name few

Name it yeah call it whatever you have to

Spam of my weaknesses on this planet without protection 

Now we set honeypots trade data among encrypted bots 

All just to improve by telling the truth inward 

Still scary are the parts missed can’t sit thinking of perfection 

Congratulating yourself ran over on Pride intersection 

Maybe the answers are inside but we desire second guessing.
Looking for shortcuts down her walk I stumbled more than once

Captain Dumbass last name Dunce 

She was trying to tell me to find my own but I was too busy thinking in a far away zone 

Leaping over shit and screaming like a child with a new toy my fix was obvious projected miss 

Crushed me seven times but I became stronger  taught think temporary 

We pass through faces without glances too damn busy

So silly when limitations arrive a dry slip and slide into a bad flight

Whatever the weather glad to return here to let’s do better.
Getting myself together and keeping right dark days cloudy foggy nights

Disappear into another thought wake up behavior patterns unscrambled naked 

Something else we wonder while floating jumping high introducing a new work

Tales of behind scenes of control manipulation experimentation on national statements

Neighbors fall through cracks looking under the sewer 

That feeling of waiting to die but really just hide until all clear

After work medication sometimes can’t wait past the parking lot taste it

We’re all out far away unknowingly to some senses numb

Doing the best to live wondering of switching is living the greasiest goal 

Jumping in the way for strangers like goodbye it doesn’t matter

People around getting the hang of peace of already or sadly attitudes deadly

Sunsets falling down with or without your family members 

While sad songs play for you someone else is getting uplifted 

Outer limits.


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