Corner Sighted

You weren’t supposed to be so important
I thought you were another stranger
Someone I’d never see again
A thought short term then ended
Passing through my mind to another place
Insignificant no disrespect waves don’t stay
Vacant room for a night sought after forgotten the next day

But here I am wanting kisses
Here I am looking through your pictures
Here I am wanting more
Running thoughts of being at your front door.

My world was contained well
Left being desired alone lonely
Figured you preferred more flashy lives
Someone above rocking city streets
Saluted during every appearance
More to look at common tastes above me
So I was surprised to see and hear you in my corner with care
Asking if I would dare putting my assumptions away

Belief stumbling back forth
Could you be a viewer of possibilities inside out
Willing to hear what I think of daily
Making love to my words with personal replies
Wiping tears from the skies able to keep promises.

Didn’t see you coming with acceptance
Couldn’t perceive the good flowing i.n your personality
Good news appearing vanquishing uneven scales.


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