Very Well No Soup For You

Burying my words and my opinions
You don’t care what I say obviously
The less I speak deeper parts are reached
People like mystery and guessing
Ain’t nobody got time for lessons
Instead of being your preacher
Or instructing you like a diligent teacher
Let the wind speak for me at every occasion
Said I talk too much here’s my vacation
Listen to the same shit over and over radio station
Aloof weird and strange unlike most
Same things drawing you to liking my posts
No I’m the star of your moods and roasts
Damned if you do or don’t use your voice.

I supplied you with some of my most intimate
Look how far being open brings and I get
Shunned away for being different
You want us all to sing the same songs
Believe in the same things right or wrong
Conform to the tone in the ears broadcasting
I’m not offended when people around me are loudly laughing
Why should I be ashamed they don’t even know games these humans are playing
I’m not going to be the pioneer dying to bring truth
Because no one wants to believe it even if I have proof
Let the building burn staring with the roof
When the foundation is exposed the structure has no use
I’m taking my prophecy underneath the ground
While screaming ensures above I’ll be silent with a smile
Got what you wanted urine and bile
Stacked into piles and puddles
Your ignorance won’t hold strong even though it’s currently huddled.

A sad thing to see but what can you do free minds are free
To wonder into groups thinking numbers prove truth
Whole crops lost currently duped
I’ll take my so called madness from the booth
Allow people to figure out the pains like damaged teeth at the roots
What if every answer is avaliable but the discovery of such is mute?


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