Surely You Want Us To Live

After work we
Lay down quietly
Thinking about tomorrow
Tonight we’ll hold each other
Pretending we’re completely safe
From outside give and take
I’ll whisper I love you
You’ll whisper you love too

Hours before bedtime thinking
Maybe we can survive
In this world filled with questions
Nothing promised in the next second

All we can do is hope our
Hugs aren’t easily forgotten
When we suddenly disappear
If possible
Let’s keep track of every
Kiss and orgasm
So when we
Feel depressed we’ll breathe

When I imagine
Driving off the road I
Remember you’re sweet words
Telling me to cum
And I hope
You remember how gentle
I entered and left you
Rubbing your back

When death comes to and end
And I’m dead may you keep remembering
The way I looked at you in love
If you should pass before me
I’ll play our private tapes
Inside my head especially when alone

I’ll turn over in bed
Reaching for hand and cry bitterly for you
I don’t want you to do the same
Just keep my things and remember why I cherished them

See why I hold onto you so
So damn close and want you
Touching me all the time
We are running out of life and
Oxygen and who knows
Who knows when we’ll be killed
Don’t feel like I am too much I
Just want my last thoughts to be
In your honor and I hope you feel the same.


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