Sally Is Dead

Oh Sally, you’re dead
Took a gunshot to the head
You are no longer seen

You had to go
Made my life terrible
Made my life painful
Thinking about you made me unstable

I would spend hours
Imagining us within rain showers
Getting along only to be woken up by your silence

I wanted you
I was confused
You liked my words
But felt being with me absurd
And it was your decision to make
Why did you allow me to feel so safe
Telling you everything
Every feeling of everyday
Just to leave for someone else
I made such a fool of myself
Now you’re dead
Laid in the ground in my head

Oh Sally you’re dead

Sally you’re dead

In my head you can’t speak anymore
I had your funeral said some words you adored
Then I put you in the ground
All is well I’m moving on now.


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