Planet Doom

When I think about the stress
It only promotes leaving stage left
Why stay trying to fight endless waves
Confused about the point for years plus days
I know humans really don’t want to be saved

Just death
No rest

From killing with smiles around
Beating pretty opportunities down
Like flowers before bees help out
Reaching for the sun stomped about
Silently murdered the world doesn’t stop
No one gives a fuck whether you die trying or check out
Voluntarily the policy same
Why even bother giving us names
Numbered death by caring buried in shame

Just death
Progress deleted

I swear I
Used to dream of life
Peace and love where none was
Bringing light to the darkest doors
Sacrifice for the greater picture
Now I know better gotta ditch ya
Rounds spent dodging death so silly
Inevitable like Smith said in the city
No mercy shown what a waste
Cookies baked by the Oracle have no taste.


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