Okay I’ll Tell You

Yeah I do want to be with you this afternoon
In the house touching in the nude
But you’ve should have guessed
Do you think I chase after every woman
If so I should go somewhere I’ll be trusted
I only wish for someone else when my heart is disgusted
Attitude and selfishness hurt me
So lady if you love complications our conversations will cease
However if you want unity I’ll call your name
Too damn old for relationship games I like smooth traffic stay in my lane.

Yeah I want to smile with you because of you
Don’t be so surprised I see you are always filled with life
A wonder that wonders of happy days kissing
Reading books playing video games maybe fishing
Laid back not left behind smart and sweet
Quick on your feet it doesn’t matter the subject
Aware but mostly unconcerned with views from the public
We know following lines has us in current lives and time
Impressed how you find solutions instead of problems
If there is any hope I know you’ve got it.

Okay today I must say
I’m ready to come over and stay
Far past the night and morning
Hope I don’t offend you with my snoring
Every category you’ve scored in
Makes me ready to stay far past months decades calling.


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