Monday Working

Day start already looking for a miracle save
Tired of working feeling insignificant and underpaid
Just shut up and do the time until retirement is made
Pass away on hospital beds family looking away
Lottery tickets on this side of town a mistake
Dreaming of calling in screaming obtained and eating the cake
Reality slaps sense into the face
We all want comfortable lives chef standing by an order to take
In the meantime survival is doing things you don’t like in a unlikeable place
Convincing yourself one day you’ll feel and taste
Victory everyday feeling the same Nine Inch Nails pace
Will you bite the hand that feeds you repetition
Cozy in assuming familiar positions.

Convince yourself you have a choice
Don’t listen to that something is missing little voice
Circles are the favorite pattern for humans
Less choices to choose blame is absent no doom then
Adapt to the environment fingers ready to point when
Someone asks why you did or didn’t do something
Just following the program Jim not guilty stop fronting
And of course you would have done the same
If you were me labelled by my name
No way I’m going home feeling ashamed
Hell isn’t real it’s a place of torture in the brain
Caught fighting for things unimportant life vain
Just to start the cycle over and over again
I stopped thinking about breaking out being different
Pay is non existent without connections boats sail and I’ve always missed it
Guess being complacent is breakfast gravy smothered biscuits.


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