Wet Pages Lost

We fade away from hello messages
Unplanned unpleasant unpredictable but goodbye
We don’t care what we’re doing apart
After all the talk of sticking around until the end of life
Things just disappear seconds to minutes
Honestly it’s better this way

I don’t have to worry about you
You don’t have to think about me
We no longer check our phones
No messages to receive or see

Fairytale loving stuck in our minds
Worn away by the truth and it’s just fine
When I pass you on these roads
Looking in your direction is gone
When you see me walking nothing changes
No stopping to say hi
No texts goodnight
But we’re feeling alright as strangers

I’m glad you don’t exist here
On the same planet as I reside
Your eyes are dull foul and vile
Over us no what if in my mind

No games
No problems
Wondering how we would escape
Escape from this state and be
Nightmares of your disapproval don’t haunt my sleep
You feel the same
Tired of my previous shame and depression
Worried about my death in your life
Now you sleep without any care at night
We’re just fine

Being strangers we’re just fine
Pretending we didn’t waste our time
We hope we never hear our names again
Let the story we loved come to an end.


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