In Your Honor I Continue To Fail

Staying in the game for you sweetie

Changing my plans from ending the story

Even though feeling confused bores me I

Swim the best I can trying to find shore to stand

You wave so innocently as I choke on water around me

Damn cute and have no idea I’m going under

Arms so tired time up current to and from with blunders

Fighting doing the best I can.


Sweetness you think I’m unstoppable

Because I hide so much underneath smiles

Go out and have fun thinking about what I’ve left undone

Already making love to excuses might as well be married

Have babies of doubt frustration and maybe

How can I leave you to fight this wilderness

So when the lights go out I light a night light

Just a little bright preventing running into darkness

Smile again so when I’m taking punches I won’t give a damn

Fighting doing the best I can.


Tapping out is impossible when I imagine your disappointment written over your eyes as you look away covering me with a white towel

Calling family members asking them what now he ejected disrespected left me disconnected oh how I wish his smile resurrected instead of me trying mind tricks in bed his presence never correctly projected

Why did he leave me where he is now unprotected?


Swimming the best I can.





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