Page Two Of Our Stance

Fire upon them mentally and see

How they awake pulling out plugs

Apologies and hugs we knew you didn’t know

What you were doing pursuing liberty stopping us from being free

Convincing arguments given yeah I know hey they got me

Hell they got us until we saw behind it all a show

This is why we had to find a safe exit and go

Join us as we peel back deception from sticky decpetion

The things you believed in and were willing to die for cardboard

Hidden among statements like yes lord

Convinced you we were the problem attacking us

Reality shows our mission statement true love

Hard to swallow I know we don’t season it with sugar

Unlike former leaders fishing using rusted alluring hooks

Emotional based straw man attacks distraction here look

No look there

We don’t want to control you we want you to think past the surface

In our charter calling you foolish worthless

Forbidden so get in take a look for yourself your gods above don’t help

Another form of control,

Everything they ask you to hold,

Another form of control,

Beautiful form of control potent and bold

Everything they ask you to die for and hold

Another form of control

Just a deadly game about your mind and who has control

Get out of the way or be thrown under the bus in the cold

Written across your social security card

Defiant beaten behind prison walls assaulted in the yard.


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