The Worst State

Death isn’t the worst case

Living under threats hatred and ignorance takes first place

Sure we want to live but if denied freedom

Death is the way to free some

Torture and pain mentally beaten estranged

I’ve decided to change my name

Escape Humanity middle name Cruel

All these years a fool thinking I was equal

Showed over and over again deceptive steeples

Dressed in my best feeling goosebumps

After service church beat me cartoon asking how many lumps

I walk away from the crowd now aware of the secrect

My survival isn’t going to come from being  sheep asleep

Many hours looking out windows locked up depending on how my neighbors feelings go

If you could flip it and imagine your life in my place

Maybe it would matter but no who looks back during the chase

Stupid suggestions like vote and try the system

Same one getting paid to place us in prision

My survival is only important for labor

I don’t trust anyone or their saviors

Evidence plainly laid in front I’m temporary

Spread lies about me given the shortest month of Feburary

Oh calm down Nofaithpoet be passive

While we stand by watching the police legally calling in your ass kicked

We’ll go fund them too just to show in brutality there’s dough


Let me try

Dead before I get to jail shot with my hands behind my back

Investigation said everyone cleared obviously he was black

A threat to us

Trying to live and be happy like us

I take pills but really is there enough

No sir not enough to explain my perscution

Shocking to my innocent children around the world

When beaten on the news saying welcome

It just gets better from here for any American citizen unwilling to bow to fear

Should have just strangled us right before birth

Na in prison cheap labor first repeat our national anthem then get to work


Death isn’t scary

When at anytime your life buried by popular opinion

Yeah Mr. Square we are on a planet named Prision

This isn’t livin’


Pipe down

Point of views against us punishable we’ll just release your name

Then stand back killed by the public hands up shot down just the same

Resistance is your breath

Shot ten times on sight they feared for life as in you making it home tonight

Scariest horror movie to the public is equality

Putting me in isolation watching me go crazy comedy

I tried and I try

Stuck to fly paper until I cease struggling then die

While presidential hopefuls lie and lie

Investments of companies hoping for control hungry here’s some American pie

Federal reserves

Glad smiling who else can we serve

You know where I failed

Education going forward aware of the situation

Can’t go back after taking the pill shown behind the scenes

Now I’ll be killed drilled to the media as a terrorist babies will scream

At my posters

Most wanted people will even buy my dead body pictures on coasters

Holy men and women will cartwheel thank gods for denied appeal

Stamp my forehead with almost exposed us but failed fate sealed

Another twenty four hours paraniod

Of the same people promising heaven to hear my dying noise


Death isn’t scary

When at anytime your life buried by popular opinion

Yeah Mr. Square we are on a planet named Prision

This isn’t livin’



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