Our Creation Of Killers


Photo: Cemetery Angel In Graveyard by Alex Borland

I leave it to you today I’m through eyes twisted

Wrong color wrong mind wrong everything it’s time

Running out of reasons to stay obedient okay

Fuck every courtroom no justice freedom went

Got into bed with money and corruption was it well spent

Hating people is in demand full consumption

I swear to your fake gods it’s starting to make sense

To become a villain break the defense cause substantial dents

Instead of being nice when they shoot our children twice

I could show just how dark I am during the night

There are no happy endings in the south

Especially when everyone in control is about

Eliminating my body earning money from the public

Trying to raise a family hate notes and threats

Guess I better hit these bastards where understanding is felt

Quietly acting like I have no voice or recourse

Until the operation payback Trojan horse

I rather die firing back than die begging for mercy

You had a chance to love but chose hatred instead

Don’t be all religious and scared at the boomerang

The fuck you thought we would just lay down smiling one by one dead

*I leave it to you

Programs similar to Nazi programs in North America too

Under the flag blowing brains out of our youth

So I’ll leave it to you*

Goddamn this is last sunrise I’m afraid

Decision made for me when fellow citizens dismayed

When I try to live like why the fuck should he breathe

My slow walk into darkness brought to you by you

I’m human still denied rights other humans use

Sticking me in the arm with confused placed in public housing zoos

I have the choice of being for the people or for the people’s horror

Since my life doesn’t matter no one else gets out alive for hours

Listen I tried their way I ended up violated

My race nationality or whatever lives deflated

Almost done it’s rare to see us now in a place

Protected like people of a certain taste

Stay on your side of town while the bombs rain down blockades up now

Time for a little revolution removing human pollution

Peace doesn’t seem to be working for me

Peace doesn’t seem to make me free chaos then

I leave it up to them when too much blood on the land

Already gallons on their hands

Denial has costs us unity we do not stand unless on sand eroding

Under the radar my choices exploding

No one wanted this?

Yes they did by telling us our lives aren’t SHIT


It feels good to fight back

All those years of abuse like Dj Drama I’mma get em right back

Spitting on me denying my freedom

Slave but open world kingdom until harvesting season

No more no more

Sleep while I plan to blast open the doors

Litigation is not for us

When the judge has the true robe in chambers

And the true role saying death to anyone not like us with strangers

Miss me with peacefully assembly

Worldwide joke all lives matter neutralize what black lives matter really means

Same old shit in less than a century

I’ll destroy the world before they get to me

Last act send the notes

I’m dead but I’ll live on in rebellion

Guess being evil is enough tell them

Yesterday I was for unity until they showed violence gets things changed

I refuse to give myself up to a country masturbating on images of my body hanged

So now I join the gang

Bang bang bang bang bang

Boy what’s your name

It’s Man motherfucker be the first one slain

One last appearance welcoming you murderers to the house of accountability

Why are you lying to little Tommy and Bobby about our history

Public school a FUCKING joke no mystery

I’ll tell em

Show em even better when my blood and tears over hidden letters

Left over the city right before the uprising

Now your children know why lovers dying trying to escape finding no flying

Honesty could have made us heal

Instead stare into the face of a man with nothing left to feel

Too many be tracked of all colors

Rejected we form the resistance abuse gave birth our mother

Don’t worry about foreign threats America your own people tried to keep up with love and got left

Time to make it right add the night with the word fright

Every time you prosecute us our message gains greater light

All communication paper

Online write bullshit create bullshit patterns NSA confident then get vapors

So now we join the gang

Bang bang bang bang bang



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