Visit Reality’s View

Tried to stay
Through the pain
Big mistake
Days are empty
Chasing wind
Always isolated
The terror wins
No escape
No exit signs around
Just repeat
I’ll settle down

I’ll settle down
Way down
Under ground
Settle down

Maze of mystery
Wrapping around
Low ceiling
Can’t jump no heights allowed
Yelling pointless
Who will hear
Very draining
Purpose smeared
Almost finished
Almost through
Final decision
Error proof
Haunted awake
Teased in sleep
Poor bank account
Unable to breathe

And I’ll settle down
Quite soon
Voice void
Dirt meet broom

Denial strong
I’m still here
Swinging blindly
Nothing lands
Going under
Grinding teeth who wins
Too many thoughts
Translate to question marks
Burning the script
It was a work of art
Hallowed are the words
Quit lying
Doesn’t make sense
Stop playing
Count the costs
Can’t pay it is unsound
Why persist Mr. Anderson
Inevitably laid down

And I’ll settle down
No words to speak
Barriers all around
Weapons weak

Years totaled
Wrecked total loss
Afraid of failure
Failure when I depart
How many falls
Until match called
Looked for light
Found a god
Worship service
Donation to the cause
Every time I surface
From another death
Boy lay down
Nothing is left.


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