Choices Made Without And With

Another way.
Another way out of thinking binary.
All in or out.

Another way to be rational amongst the decoys.
Knowing and applying are too different occurrences.
I know and you apply.
Together we are an unstoppable sight.

I’ve wrapped my affection around thinking.
Just haven’t given all my attention.
Holes in my logic with no way to check if I’m sound.
I’m so insignificant when I pull a map out.

Maybe I’m still holding on isolation let me know.
People I want to trust you but I just can’t.
Needy don’t make me laugh I want compassion with love.
There are worst things to want out here…

Let me know.
Help me out.
I will return all given.
I am just living the best way I know how so are you.

Maybe you know more options than I.
I hang around hoping for more conversation.
A different point of view given without aggression.
See eventually I can find the exit on my own.
Certain that I can win this game if I just keep grinding.

Isolation whether self inflicted self prophecy.
Standing in my mind exempt from removal so far.
When I see your smile served happily I would like to walk with you more.
They always ask why I keep talking about being connected.
It is one of life’s sweetest things.


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