Directive Scroll

Thought and belief check what do I do for next
Garbage around the brain time to clean
Wash and sweep away bad dreams faulty wishes
Check my compass learn my estimated time of arrival to where
Play sad tracks happy tracks you know whatever but don’t let outside get inside
Common problem with my type I forgot to change filters
My responsibility my choices my file mine oh mine
Was currently blaming my surroundings for my dive failures
Almost forgot to clean the inside of the cup without expecting the waters to be clean
The outside might be one with dirty water but inside pure and free
Thought and belief check what do I do if I breathe
Sending information fax but analyze the facts
I’m not responsible for the entirety just my section
Later on down the line I may obtain more right now build up not across
More failing buildings is not impressive one secure victory is
Even if one spot the only one staying hot I can regroup there come out swinging without a box
Excited at the moment to find corrections I’ll correct them and advance
Cutting off connections to see the bigger picture
Might even stop broadcasting saving my words for the mirror
Thought and belief to understand my boundaries
Maybe coming back to Earth make it understood there are other places I’d rather be

Blaming adds nothing to the coffers
I will seek personal discovery to rise confident
Just know this poverty is too close
Almost got me again next enemy wave already coming
Feet pulse insane tired of running
Happy to tell you how to fix your situation
However at this time it is time to fix mine
Running with lip weapons cutting down caution tape
Cannot blame the universe for the decisions I take
Get mad at the leaves when I was the one in charge of rakes
Breaks and beats allow me to criticize myself without grabbing my own neck
Of course art is how I express myself
Proofreading in regards of refusing to do so does not silent bullets
So what if the gun is pointed to the side when you pull it
My understanding always ready for the next cumulative update
Wish my fellow humans felt the same before long waits
Catch up with knowledge know that we don’t know all
Religious people say pride comes before fall
I crawl and crawl but understand when I develop I’ll out run them look for a call
Silly people who throw away because of appearances
You have missed my new technique of deliverance
Foaming at the mouth no scary demon
Just the purge of nonsense walls primed ready for reason

Going forward my heart fixed on the people
Scared or unknowledgeable to raising voices
We do have choices putting them together takes more than me
Tired of working just to be under scrutiny if we can imagine dragons we can imagine magic
Listen up
Or close the ears until choices run out find yourself under more punishment than time out
The corner is nothing unless you refuse to move
Almost most ready to make the corner of rain old news
Journey to another place another perspective
Nofaithpoet received a new directive
Cutting down my opportunities so next time I’ll manage properly
Down for a few refresh towards operation no stopping peace
So we can be with our children innocence in their eyes opposite of deceased.


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