What I Would Say To Her Today

She doesn’t want to be like everyone else
But she treats me like they do
How can I detach from the signs and patterns
She should show me who she really is.

She knows I’m not like the others
More about our lives first than under covers
Yeah I want fuck her
But I don’t want to fuck her over

I want to be someone she holds
Especially when it starts getting cold
All the way until I can’t see the sky anymore
Yeah I’d like to fuck her from behind
Not fuck her behind her back.

I don’t have time to waste
Just thinking about sharing toothpaste
Pulling out with her approval cream on me
Her love tasted every time I taste my lips
From her lips
There’s more to than sex
Before and after the bedroom
Much respect

I’m not the people before me
Don’t look at me the same
Words are on sale discounted
Allow me to prove what I’ve said wrapped around and inside her head

Don’t put me with the others
She better know I’m a different type
A different classification
Out of sight.


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