Big Truck Wheels Coming

Don’t tell me you understand
Depression has a different brand
Thoughts imposing on frequencies
Moods appearing waves twist turns lunacy
Nofaithpoet has his own beachfront property
Barely a shelter it doesn’t even shelter me
From feelings absorbed and assumed cartoon fool loon
Alien and then savior sensitive to all flavors
Oh alien
Someone with a mind level you’ve never been
Too closed minded to find us we’re high and exciting
Like you’ve felt death calling you out with a whisper instead of a shout
Eyes far from drought crying everyday and it don’t stop
Last thing you better say is selfish cause I’ll hit you with shellfish
We care too much you don’t understand
When we look for a hand we often find dark space again
Again and again until we can either fight through it or find support
Forget court we already judge ourselves enough it’s plenty tough
Seeing the disappointment in those eyes I hide under mats the dirt
Maybe if I wasn’t so afraid of loosing it wouldn’t hurt
Be myself
Be ourselves

Laugh monsters
Laugh and laugh but don’t try to grasp the rocket
Note to yourself should have stayed but glad you dropped dipped
Skipped and tripped flipped having an episode
When I have one at least it’s justified I just need better control
Working on it while trying to escape
This has to be done in one take
Or over the edge we go without brakes
Swimming on top of lakes just make waves for days echo sound delayed
Gotta translate words into getting paid
Laugh monsters
Don’t be asking for loans or sponsors
Don’t tell me you understand
I’m fighting to make a living or end up dammed
Eat rocks or broken glass move your ass or get ran over time is critical hour hand pass
Maybe with some adjustment we all call rise
Let’s invest in seeing peace on this side
Oh what day yeah oh what a night perhaps under our administration they’ll sleep tight


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