Our Own Land If We Want

How is this hard
We treat each other as equals near or far for the entire race
I touch you you touch me we time like face
Here comes surface level shit before the bell rings you already quit
Excuses are human’s favorite thing another drama to write song to sing
When we can sit down and discuss straight ahead
This don’t show this or do that when we interact has me off track
Can we just be blunt not abrasive
Forget the head games and suggestive statements
What do you want and what do I want is the center
Fly me in before dinner next time I fly you in before winter
Who takes the first step does it matter when we are the combination
Already unlocked just waiting to be approved
When we get those signals why wait let’s take control immediately
Drop your things run to me
I’m already in transit fast shipping
All stories have a beginning when hearts are casting votes and winning
I can be the poetic man again taping poems to wall creating fire hazards
Making your hips and legs sore drag it
All around town coworkers asking why are walking funny just say my name
I’m too old for twenty one questions are you game
Not as to be played but laid down protecting your neck
Before we kiss so much the carpet gets wet
Moments like these always create forward progress in my reasoning I’m breathing in
Everything you say you are not everything but close enough
Wanting to be everything is kind of selfish but know that you will never be in the background waiting
Always the highest priority is hearing you snore with me talk freely never ever boring me
What more can I say to say you have my attention let us be united
I’m ready to take this and give this years leading to a lifetime
Whenever you write to me I think about it for weeks based on read lines
Crummy days I search through you first so I don’t end up in reverse
When suicidal thoughts come your care packages them in a Hearst rest in peace verse
As the night arrives if I haven’t had you I thirst for a reminder
Any possible way I can save some of your lubrication for a midnight snack I don’t have any other women no binders
How is this hard
Well if you are talking about inside my pants you are the only star
Everything from your voice mannerisms looks words seductive
Gladly commit we upgrade our trust secure channels protected from vandals
Shit I don’t even do it but I’ll lick your feet in sandals
Number one supporter on everything I’ll be active on the panel
Selling myself because I need a great resume to be considered
A lot of failures out of here applications litter your castle’s property
Not good enough they’ll never see the looks you give me locked tight away
So many things I want to perform stimulating your mental
Leading to stimulation of a pearl and then I enter great
Jokes and jokes serious quotes dancing and deep tokes
Freestyle with me touchdown then showboat
Laugh until your face is sore but refuse to quit there’s more
When I look at you motion becomes slow feel my intentions and actions glow warmth
Unique when we find this so it’s strong and deep
Contained in every piece of interaction this is what happens when I choose you above the skepticism
Deciding to let down my metal wall protected with lasers doubts and trained killers in my brain no inception
You have to see me behind doors at your table interacting for accurate conclusions
Ask those who I interact with if they think I stick a notch above raising the bar
I’ll rest with the witness testimony not arrogance but my actions speak louder
You’ve already heard every argument so proving it to you will solve the problems met.

I like caring for you so maybe you like caring for me looking out of windows on vacation at sea
Writing and rhyming so inviting artistic displays opposite of frightening I’m diving in
You know what I’ve wanted my whole life is someone I can trust in drain my semen lick and keep my images when they are dreaming
Equal fighting the good fight of education and improvement downtime chill nonchalantly in the nude with
Just start kissing and licking between her legs a sure hit
When our looks fade and age rules talking together will still make me drool
Even more so
Content not appearance for the final lover rodeo
If you want I’ll stay and I’m always writing about enjoying breakfast with you pancakes
Read the lines I’m saying I’m not trying to leave
Unless you want me to but I’m sure after a few exchanges we’ll already be way past strangers
I want to see what you have underneath your clothes but not unless you want me to see it in the meantime let’s get our minds in this
All over it
Thoughts back and forth like tennis and we both win an excellent finish.


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