Designs Collapse

A flaw in my thoughts exposed
I forgot about the variables choices
I assumed too many things like you should know how I think
Feeling like a fool when my prediction of rain reveals
Sometimes I might get it wrong
Shouldn’t abandon ship been gone
If I’m incorrect stomping my own feet
Always another way to reevaluate
Use the points for a lot more introspection on my plate.

Feeling like a condescending foolish man
No problem
Make correction reboot on to the next problem
Never ending process new puzzles every day to solve when
Looking in the mirror
Our brother said look in the mirror see clearer
If you look into eyes and get information
Start with your own before statements.

A coward cannot admit mistakes
Shows vulnerability
Human pride likes to pretend everything is perfect on one side
Television and movies right
Airbrush digital alterations left
Easy to hate yourself
But for a fee we can change you on the outside
Rather start inside shine peaceful lights.

Analyze the information
Subtract assumptions
Know your outcomes just don’t forget choices can be an abrupt turn
I like to start running but the bridge is not on fire lesson learned.


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