Reverse Width

Now I’m the reason why her life is bad
All the years now she thinks my actions held her back
Telling people I was a good man to her all now a blur I’m Mr. Evil
Calling up her people
Saying I’m a loaded weapon and when I get angry with her displays of aggression
Simple minded folks bite but thinkers think if he was so bad why hang tight
Imagining her world bright and right whenever I leave she’ll be a star out of sight
Now I’m the reason her life is bad
Friends I’m not even pissed I’m smiling glad
To be her scapegoat when I leave who is she going to blame water far past her throat damn.

I should have known she was just like the rest of her family
Anything that doesn’t help them is critical blasphemy
Responsibility is a cuss word while they sit on their asses in front of a screen their preferred scene
Unable to find out why they have no friends and once again I’m in a family with twisted views
When I mess up it is news but when I do good it’s like Fox News choose to ignore it next issue
Now I’m the arrogant selfish bastard compared to terrorists
They want me gone and honey if I had the money I’d forget names existence being foolish for this long
I should have known when in the fifth years people told me to disappear
The worst man out and I guess sixteen years isn’t shit versus mouth to mouth
This is how I live and everyone I held hands with disappeared.

She thinks when I leave everything will be perfect
Like I haven’t been the glue and the main focus
Trying to hold together a family and now I’m the one supposedly close to insanity
Maybe I am
For staying so long in a place that left me feeling defeated and dammed.


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